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One of the most powerful new features available in ColdFusion MX 7 Enterprise that many ColdFusion developers might not yet be using is event gateways. Event gateways open up entirely new possibilities for ColdFusion and allow our ColdFusion applications to communicate with more or less any other Internet-enabled system even if the system doesn't communicate via the "traditional" HTTP protocol. CFMX 7 Enterprise ships with a few gateways to get you started, such as an SMS gateway for communicating with mobile devices, a directory watcher gateway, a socket gateway, a Java Message Service (JMS) gateway, and Jabber/XMMP as well as Lotus Sametime IM gateways, so you have a lot of possibilities right out of the box. If you don't need the specific functionality offered by these gateways you might not have investigated them thoroughly and because the event gateways thems... (more)

ColdFusion Developer's Journal Special "Frameworks" Focus Issue: Mach-II

It's all Simon's fault. We say this to all framework writers who, even now, are trying to recover from the task assigned them by CFDJ's editor-in-chief: provide an article and an implementation of the Macromedia Pet Market application in their chosen framework. Realizing that our first sentence might not serve as sufficient explanation for those weary framework authors, allow us to provide further clarification... It began with an innocent-seeming dinner for speakers at the recent "Fusebox and Frameworks" conference. When we found ourselves seated next to Simon Horwith, we had... (more)

What's an Object? An Introduction to OOP

On New Year's Eve, 2004 I declared 2005 to be the "year of object-oriented programming for ColdFusion developers," and since the year is approaching its final quarter it's a good time to focus our attention on OOP in ColdFusion and see how we're doing. Based on talking with developers both in person and virtually, reading blogs, and looking at some of the newer ColdFusion code that people have been sending my way over the last few months, I'm really excited about the increase in interest and use of OOP in ColdFusion. The ability to even do object-oriented programming in ColdFusi... (more)

Flex Your ColdFusion Muscles with Adobe Flex

(April 15, 2005) - In the beginning of the World Wide Web there was HTML, and it was good. HTML provided an easy, structured way to present data and images, and hyperlinks gave users access to other pages with the simple click of a mouse. As time went on, however, users demanded more and more from HTML, which led to the rise of Web applications. At first the users were pleased with the ability to shop and do their banking online, but they soon became frustrated. "These Web applications don't behave like my desktop applications!" they cried. "I'm sick of waiting for page reloads e... (more)

XSLT and ColdFusion: Whipping Your XML Data into Shape

Related Links: Why Java? Moving Beyond Procedural Programming ColdFusion MX offers a simple and easy way to unleash the power of XSLT for manipulating your XML data. Here's how. From Web services to news and blog data feeds to configuration files, XML is everywhere these days. Far from the buzzword it was when the W3C approved the standard in 1998, XML is now the primary means of data exchange for many organizations and has become the lingua franca of text data in Web application development. Although most of us are aware of how important and ubiquitous XML has become, effective ... (more)